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Agent Advantage is a suite of tools built exclusively for property professionals in Northern Ireland.

Win more valuations, create branded comparable reports and unlock key insights that put your business in pole position.

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Gain access to three INCREDIBLE tools…




Experience Agent Advantage to gain a competitive edge that boosts your business performance and strengthens you as a leader in the Northern Ireland property market. Continue scrolling to explore the amazing benefits each tool will bring to your business.

Maximize the impact of your property listings with Agent Advantage Valuations. With a daily footfall of over 130,000 visitors on PropertyPal, claim the spotlight with enhanced agency branding and a prominent valuations lead button integrated onto each of your property listings.

Empowering agents, accelerating success.


Open the door to more valuations.

Here's what you get access to:
  • Enhanced agency branding across all of your property listings
  • Exclusive 'Request a Valuation' button displayed across all of your property listings
  • Enhanced valuation leads around the clock
  • Did you know? The majority of leads are outside office hours.
What does this mean for you business?

Boosted brand visibility

Valuation leads 24/7

Consistent flow of new clients


Comparative data at your fingertips.

Here's what you get access to:
  • Archive of historical property adverts
  • Advanced comparable search capabilities
  • Draw a search option to refine results
  • Manual comparables for unlisted properties
  • Showcase recently sold properties
  • Download and email report functionality
What does this mean for your business?

Unmatched Insights

Strengthened Valuations

Enhanced Expertise

Gain access to a comprehensive market wide property database with Agent Advantage Comparables. Create branded reports in minutes that enhance your valuations and impress potential clients.

Empowering agents, accelerating success.

Discover enhanced data on your branch performance including comprehensive market share insights. With Agent Advantage Intelligence, harness the power of data and unlock actionable insights to drive your business forward.

Empowering agents, accelerating success.


Data-driven insight for strategic decisions.

Here's what you get access to:
  • Performance trends across key business metrics including comprehensive market share insights
  • Flexible customisation to compare over time and location
  • Track bespoke performance metrics by property types and price ranges
  • Advanced data visualisation and reporting functionality
What does this mean for your business?

In-depth Insights

Precise Performance Monitoring

Enhanced Decision Making

Pick a plan that suits you best.

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Agent Advantage Intelligence



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Agent Advantage Valuations

Agent Advantage Comparables

Agent Advantage Intelligence



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Most Frequently Asked Questions

Agent Advantage is a comprehensive suite of tools designed to empower agents to accelerate success by winning more valuations, creating branded comparable reports and unlocking intelligence to maximise business growth.

Agent Advantage is a suite of tools that includes Agent Advantage Valuations, Agent Advantage Comparables and Agent Advantage Intelligence.

Agent Advantage Valuations is a powerful lead generation tool that features a prominent 'Request a Valuation' button on all of your listings. This ensures you are the top choice for homeowners seeking an agent valuation.

Agent Advantage Comparables provides agents with access to an extensive market wide property database to choose comparable properties and create branded reports for prospective clients.

Agent Advantage Intelligence provides agents with a dashboard of data on their business performance and actionable insights for strategic decision-making

Joining is quick and easy! To begin, simply click here and follow the straightforward sign up process.

Agent Advantage is an all-encompassing solution that offers numerous benefits to agents. By utilising the suite of tools, you can improve your business performance by generating more valuation leads, creating branded comparable reports and accessing valuable data-driven insights to inform strategic decision-making. With this competitive edge, agents can strengthen their position as market leaders in the Northern Ireland property industry.

Absolutely. Whether you're an independent agent or part of a larger multi-branch group, Agent Advantage is specifically designed to suit the needs of agencies of all sizes. By leveraging the benefits of this comprehensive suite of tools, businesses of any scale can optimise their performance and accelerate their success.

Agent Advantage is very adaptable and can be customised to meet the unique needs and preferences of your business. Our team is always on hand to provide guidance and support. For any questions, simply drop us an email at [email protected] and we will be happy to help.

Agent Advantage has been designed to be simple and user-friendly so you can get started right away without any extensive training. Plus, our dedicated team is always here to provide ongoing support and assistance whenever you need it. If you ever get stuck, don't worry - we've got you covered with our handy user guides that are designed to make everything crystal clear. For any questions, simply drop us an email at [email protected] and we will be happy to help.

Yes, Agent Advantage is open to all agents across Northern Ireland. For any questions, simply drop us an email at [email protected] and we will be happy to help.

Our Silver membership starts from just £79 per month (paid annually with multi branch and early bird discount applied) while our Gold membership starts from £129 per month (paid annually with multi branch and early bird discount applied).

Simply ensure that more than one branch of the group is signed up for Agent Advantage. The discount will be automatically applied in your next invoice.

For maximum value and access to all three tools, we recommend the Gold membership. However, the Silver membership is a great starting point and allows you to explore the benefits and upgrade later if you wish.

Silver Agent Advantage members can do this in the agent section by visiting the Intelligence tool or simply get in touch with our team at [email protected] or give us a call on 02890 999 999

Absolutely! We understand that your needs may evolve over time, which is why you have the flexibility to switch between the Silver and Gold membership.

You can cancel Agent Advantage at any time. After you cancel, your plan will expire from the end of membership term. You can view our Product Terms here