Site West Of, 7a Ballyknockan RoadSite West Of, 7a Ballyknockan RoadSite West Of, 7a Ballyknockan Road

Site West Of, 7a Ballyknockan Road,

Saintfield, BT24 7HQ

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  • c0.7 Acre Site
  • Outline Planning Permission Granted
  • One Detached Dwelling & Detached Garage
  • Single Storey/One-and-a-half Storey Dwelling
  • Rural Outlook
  • City Convenience
  • Planning Ref LA05/2020/1053/O
Ballyknockan Road is in a semi-rural location, just over 3 miles from the Carryduff roundabout nestled between Carryduff and Saintfield, providing access to Belfast and Lisburn, as well as being on the bus route to leading post primary schools.
The site itself is approximately 0.7 acres and is accessed via a shared laneway from the Ballyknockan Road. Outline planning permission has been granted for a detached dwelling (single storey and-a half) and garage, allowing any potential purchaser to design the house to suit their needs.
An excellent investment or self-build opportunity.
Lands 45m west of 7A Ballyknockan Road, Saintfield BT24 7HQ

Proposed site for dwelling and detached garage under Planning Policy PPS21 CTY2a
Grants Outline Planning Permission
The Council in pursuance of its powers under the above- mentioned Act hereby


For the above-mentioned development in accordance with your application subject to compliance with the following conditions which are imposed for the reasons stated:

1. Approval of the details of the siting, design and external appearance of the buildings, the means of access thereto and the landscaping of the site (hereinafter called "the reserved matters"), shall be obtained from the Council. in writing, before the development is commenced .
Reason: This is outline permission only and these matters have been reserved for the subsequent approval of the Council.

2. Application for approval of the reserved matters shall be made to the Council within 3 years of the date on which this permission is granted and the development, hereby permitted, shall be begun by whichever is the later of the following dates:-
i. the expiration of 5 years from the date of this permission; or
ii. the expiration of 2 years from the date of approval of the last of the reserved matters to be approved.
Reason: As required by Section 62 of the Planning Act (Northern Ireland) 2011

3. No development shall take place until a plan of the site has been submitted to and approved by the Council indicating the existing and proposed contours, the finished floor levels of the proposed building and the position, height and materials of any retaining walls.

Reason: To ensure the development takes account of the sites natural features and to safeguard the amenities of the proposed dwellings.

4. The dwelling hereby permitted shall be a single storey/one -and-a-half storey dwelling with a max ridge height of 6.5 metres, designed and landscaped in accordance with the department's Design Guide for Rural NI.

Reason: To ensure that the proposal is in keeping with the character of the rural area.

5. A detailed scheme of landscaping providing for species, siting, planting distances, presentation and programme of planting ; shall be submitted to the Council as part of the Reserved Matters and shall be subject to its approval before any work commences on site.

Reason: The Council wishes to ensure that there will be a well laid outs scheme of healthy trees and shrubs.
6. All exiting trees and screen planting on all boundaries, except where vehicular access is to be gained; shall be permanently retained and no development shall take place until a landscaping scheme with full details of all proposed tree and shrub planting and a programme of works, has been approved by the Council; and al tree and shrub planting shall be carried out in accordance with those details and at those times.

Reason: To ensure the continuity of amenity afforded by existing trees, and the provision, establishment and maintenance of a high standard of landscape.

7. A plan of 1.500 scale (min.) shall be submitted as part of the reserved matters application showing the access to be constructed in accordance with the attached form RS1.

Reason: To ensure there is a satisfactory means of access in the interests of road safety and the convenience of road users.

8. The dwelling shall not be occupied until provision has been made and permanently retained within the curtilage of the site for the parking of private cars at the rate of 3 spaces per dwelling.

Reason: To ensure adequate (in-curtilage) parking in the interests of road safety and the convenience of road users.

9. Any existing street furniture or landscaping obscuring or located within the proposed carriageway, sight visibility splays or access shall, after obtaining permission from the appropriate authority, be removed, relocated or adjusted at the applicants expense.

Reason: In the interest of road safety and the convenience of road users.

1. This approval does not dispense with the necessity of obtaining the permission of the owners of adjacent dwellings for the removal of or building on the part wall or boundary whether or not defined.

2. This permission does not alter or extinguish or otherwise affect any existing or valid right of way crossing, impinging or otherwise pertaining to these lands.

3. This permission does not confer title. It is the responsibility of the developer to ensure that he controls all the lands necessary to carry out the proposed development.


1. The onus is on the householder/developer to find out if there is existing water and sewer infrastructure within their property.

2. It is an offence under Article 236 of the Water and Sewerage Services (Northern Ireland) Order to 2006, to build over or near watermains, sewers, pipes and associated works owned and maintained by Northern Ireland Water unless with the prior consent by NI Water.

3. House owners and developers should obtain details of infrastructure from NI Water by requesting a copy of the water and sewer records. Copies of our records are supplied under Article 257 and 258 of the Order. There is a nominal charge for this service.

4. Where existing water and sewer infrastructure is located within a property and proposed development of the site interferes with the public watermains, sewers and associated works, the householder/developer may make a Notice under Article 247 of the 2006 Order to have the public infrastructure diverted, realigned. Each diversion and realignment request is considered on its own merits and approval is at the discretion of the NI Water. The applicant is required to meet any financial conditions for realignment or diversion of the water and sewer infrastructure, including full costs, company overheads etc

5. It is the responsibility of the house builder//builder/developer to establish if existing public watermains, foul/storm sewers, together with appropriate waste water treatment facilities, have adequate capacity to serve the proposal. To establish how best any development may be served by existing public water and sewerage infrastructure, a Pre Development Enquiry (PDE) would require to be submitted. There is a charge for this service.

6. If your proposal development is not near a public watermain, foul sewer or surface water sewer and you cannot discharge your surface water to a natural watercourse you may wish to consider making a requisition Notice asking NI Water to extend the public watermain or foul/storm sewer system to service your development. This can be done by requisitioning a watermain under Article 78 of the 2006 Order and sewers under Article 154 of the 2006 Order. house builders and developers may have to contribute to the cost of extending watermains and sewers.

7. Septic Tank emptying. The applicant must provide a hard standing area with 3.5m wide access capable of supporting the weight of a sludge tanker within 30 meters of the septic tank.
At the subsequent planning stage the applicant shall provide a detailed site plan which includes the location of the proposed dwelling, the septic tank/bio disc and the area of subsoil irrigation for the disposal of effluent. The drawing should also include the position of the septic tank and soak away for any other relevant adjacent dwelling.
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